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Monday, April 2, 2018

Saving Money with Your Morning Coffee

I've given up "coupons" for AD MATCH!
You can still save money with coupons, clipping, pricing, checking prices usually "brand name" products sitting on the shelf next to lower price store brands is it really worth it?

To save money not just on grocery shopping but major purchases I've gone to ad matching.   Over my morning coffee I  check the weekly grocery ads finding items I NEED, making my list and preparing to save a lot of money.

Here is an example I use every day:  
Milk is usually priced at $2.59 a gallon, but it is advertised almost every week by the major chain stores for $1.79 to $1.89 a gallon.  Simple savings on ad match of 80 cents per gallon, four gallons a week is over three dollars..  Another one that keeps coming up lately are eggs.  Must be the price of feed, I see $1.59 to more a dozen for eggs. However watching the weekly ads, I see specials on eggs at 88 to 99 cent a dozen.  A savings of over a dollar on two dozen eggs.  

There you have the picture, just remember like comodities, brand name to brand name or store brand to store brand.   On meats value pack to value pack .  I find some stores are even ad matching deals like 10 for $10, "mix and match" products.

Finding "ad match" merchants takes a little more effort, but well worth the time.  The big promoter and ad match advertiser of course is Walmart, however other stores ad match, just ask!


No matter what you are needing to buy from household products to major appliances, know who sells it, and who offers price matching.  When you start asking around you will be surprised at the number of retailers do ad match.

A twist to ad matching, some merchants match prices if you bring them a competitors ad within a period time after you have purchased the from their store.  This works well with major appliance purchases or home improvement materials saving major dollars.

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Another number of stores only match prices for online purchases.  Check before you buy office supplies, Staples, Office Max and Office Depot are highly competitive online.
Others worth checking for their ad match policies, JoAnne Fabrics, Michael's Arts and Crafts, Hobby Lobby, Sears and JC Penny.

You can still find savings with coupons....OH YES!...Rebates!  Price matching is easy daily, with your coffee or hot chocolate and cereal in the mornings.  Never forget additional senior or military discount days.  

The important thing is remember to ASK!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Money Saving Tip - Buy in Bulk {update 1/04/2018}

Today's great money saving tip is....

Buy in Bulk:

It is true that warehouse shopping can save
a lot of money.  The price of items in bulk is
generally much less than if you buy the
product individually.

Even if you have a small family, you can
always split up large quantities between you.
If you are single, you might go in with friends
or neighbors on certain bulk items.

Especially when it comes to purchasing
non-perishable items.  Here are some great
items you may want to purchase in bulk.
They include gift cards, toothbrushes, paper
goods, cell phone minutes , blank DVDs,
light bulbs and certain cleaning supplies.

Just be careful not to load up your cart with
non-essential items, even when you're tempted
with a fantastic deal and you will be sure to
save a bundle at your local warehouse club.

Harvey Akeson



EXTRA TIP When shopping carry a marking pencil or colored stickers to mark items on sale, in store specials or discounted specials. Sometimes early in a sale or special mark down the store scanners haven't been reprogrammed or programmed in error. Make sure you get the price you were expecting, not yesterday's price before the sale.

EXTRA TIP Free newsletters and publications are an excellent way to keep up with the latest "special deals" and advice. Lots of money saving ideas and specials found no where else may be found in special publications. Subscribe

In order to take advantage of bulk or large quantity packaging share purchases at Costco or Sam's Club with family members or neighbors. Plastic bags, such as zip lock, trash or garbage bags, case lots can be divided and often times save you money without purchasing over supply for one household.



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Buying in Bulk

Costbuys is a little different than the average Web shopping experience, and it requires customers to think about their pantries and their homes a bit differently. With Costbuys, customers get a discount online when they place orders for larger quantities. Utilizing bulk discounts and free shipping, the company is able to ship products direct to you for prices you won’t see at your local market.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Merchandising Tricks Designed to Fool You {Update 1/03/2018

Beating the "Hard Times" in daily 
financial affairs with Money Saving 
Tips are a positive on folk's bank 
accounts, but not the ONLY way 
to protect our money.

We encourage "Comparison Shopping" ,
learning patience, giving us the opportunity to
exercise good judgment and time to study
solid choices, are a good part of saving money.

At the same time we need to be aware of a few
"tricks"  or practices that trap consumers into
making bad choices when buying.

Zero Interest Rate...is No Bargain if too much
is paid for an item.  Research has shown when
people are paying in Cash as opposed to credit
with zero interest rate they tend to spend less
and are more cautious of price.

Watch and be very careful of meeting all
the terms of a zero interest purchase or you will
end up with a higher price and penalties that are
more than what the interest would have been
f purchased on credit.

It's like being late on a credit card payment
with a huge penalty and an increase in the
interest rate on the remaining balances.

Manufacturers' Rebates 
lure buyers to certain brands and most 
often are the deciding factor in making 
purchases. Studies show less than half 
of all rebates are successfully redeemed.
One clever little trick is manipulating 
redemption dates, "claiming the rebate 
15 days or more after the purchase and 
then with a rebate window of 10-14 days".

Another method of creating "slippage" 
of rebate dollars is sending the rebate 
checks in envelopes specially designed 
to look like "junk mail".  Many bulk pieces 
of advertising are discarded without opening.

Smart Shopping Includes Checking prices 
for incorrectly programed store scans at 
checkout registers.

TIP:  Remember when you are shopping take 
a marking pencil or colored sticker to mark 
special shelve marked prices or other specials. 
It will make it easier to watch the price on the 
cash register screen at checkout.


Thursday, December 28, 2017

MY POINTS Exceptional Rewards Program

Earn rewards for your online activity
**Harvey Akeson, Tucson, Arizona

MY POINTS REWARDS PROGRAM  I have been a member
of MY POINTS reward program since September 2005.  During
that period I have earned and USED over 70,000 points. The
important part of my story, it cost me nothing.

I did not spend a lot of time nor did my spending habits
change.  The opportunities to earn more have always been
present but time factors didn't seem favorable in my case.
In other words had I spent more time on all the different
options to earn I could have earned many more POINTS.
Now about the program.

SHOP  Find your favorite brands and make your usual purchases.

EARN POINTS  You will earn POINTS for purchases, surveys, videos, games and more.

REDEEM  You will have a number of options to redeem your POINTS for gift cards, PayPal, Visa cards or travel miles.

SHARE YOUR OPINION  You will have the opportunity to participate in answering market research questions as an additional method of earning POINTS.  Regular every day activities and the POINT rewards are generous.
Get rewarded for taking surveys

PRINT and REDEEM COUPONS  When you print and redeem coupons with a broad range of products and services{Food Coupons-PLUS} you earn 10 POINTS per coupon on redemption.  PLUS Monthly Bonus Reward Points based on the number of coupons redeemed.

REFER-A-FRIEND  Introduce a friend who joins the MY POINTS reward program and you earn points, plus 10% bonus points from their earnings.

PLAY GAMES  Fund your games account for the first time and earn 50 POINTS plus earn up to 10 POINTS per dollar on future games purchases.

3 Ways to Redeem Points

GIFT CARDS  Your savings never have to end!  Redeem POINTS to receive gift cards from your favorite stores and restaurants.

GET CASH/DONATE  You can receive cash by deposits to your PayPal account or Prepaid VISA card after redeeming POINTS, or you can donate directly to charity of your choice.

BOOK TRAVEL  Use your POINTS for travel miles, transfer and take a trip you have always been wanting.

Earn Rewards for shopping online, reading email, taking surveys and playing games at MyPoints.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Money Saving Tip - Dollar Stores {update 12/21/2017}

Today's great money saving tip is....

Dollar Stores - 99 Cent Stores
(Free advertsing for them, my thank you.)
Hit the dollar store first and you can save a nice
chunk of change on everyday item like laundry
detergent, deodorant and large selection of your
brand name favorites.

At first glance you might think that most items
at the dollar store are of low quality but have
you visited your local dollar store lately?
Chances are that you have more than one
dollar store in your area including Dollar Tree,
Dollar General or Just A Dollar. You might be
surprised at some of the great deals and
bargains you can find.
The merchandise changes weekly
and sometimes you can find better deals
than other times so it pays to shop often.

Watch for everyday grocery and drug items at BIG Savings.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Money Saving Tip - Planning {update 1/03/2017}

Today's great money saving tip is....

Planning is a great way to save. Before you go to
the grocery store, make a list and stick with it.
Plan your meals in advance so that you don't end
up forgetting ingredients and making extra trips
to the store.

If you're considering a vacation, plan everything
in advance. Look online for the best travel deals
on flights, rental cars and hotel.

Sometimes you will get an even better deal if
you book everything you need all at one time.
If you are going to a resort or theme park be
sure check out the meal plans, they can
sometimes save you more than 30% on your
food costs.

Heading out with no set direction will certainly
lead you to impulsive spending. Plan to cut
expenses wherever you can and lower expenses
in other areas. Totally eliminating something
often saves a lot of money. Cutting back may
save even more.

Harvey Akeson

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Money Saving Tip - Coupons {update 1/02/2017}

Today's great money saving tip is....
Okay, maybe you used to laugh as you watched people pull out
their coupons at stores but the truth is that using coupons can
save you hundreds of dollars every year.

{Personal Recommendation from experience}
Coupons can be used at grocery stores, retail chains, any store
where the item is sold. Some stores offer double coupon days,
which is an extra bonus. On average, you could easily save from
5% to 15% on a bill for $100 simply by presenting a coupon.

Coupons are not just for food items and by scouring your local
newspaper you can find coupons for all sorts of merchandise.

Extra Tip: Organize your coupons and share and exchange 
coupons with others.

DOUBLE DIP  By organizing your coupons you can be watchful
for manufacturer and store coupons using them both on a single purchase.
Hold on to manufacturer coupons until your store offers coupons for
the same products and receive an extra "cents off" your favorite products.

Harvey Akeson